WordPress Landing Page Instructions


Login to the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • If you need a username please reach out to Rachel Leeper or Tiffany Britt to get you set up with your own username.


This is the WordPress Dashboard. There is a lot of information here but most can be ignored. Direct your attention to the navigation tool panel on the left side.


To create a new page navigate to the “Page” button and click “Add New” 

To view all pages click “All Pages”


In the “Add New Page” tool you can add the title of the page in the “Add Title” Box

Next Click the “Edit with Elementor” button to open the Elementor page editor

  • NOTE: This will open a new webpage in your browser window just wait for the editor to load have some chocolate its all going to be okay


    • There are a collection of templates that can be used as a starting point for your Landing page
    • You can view the different template at these locations


This is what the Elementor Page editor looks like

From here you can load a premade RLI Landing Page Template

Click on the Folder icon on the right side to open the template library

Click the “My Templates” tab

Hover over the template option you would like to use and press the “Insert” button